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As a child in a family of artists, I spent many hours in museums and art galleries where I gradually learned to recognize the great variety of styles and quality of work of the many artists exhibited. Gradually, too, I came to recognize a certain character that I would like my own work to have. If that character must be codified, I would call it "classical realism." It is my attempt to get as close to expressing the truth about my subject as I can.

In an age when we have a great variety of image making devices, artists still paint portraits because a well done work can be a very full expression of the sitter's face and character. Because most viewers see subjectively, they will likely see a wide range of facial expressions in a given portrait. A painted portrait offers the artist the chance to show several facets of the subject's personality. If they are all in balance, no one expression will be strong enough to overpower the others,unless the viewer is looking for that one.

Our museums and old family collections bear witness to the permanence of good work, whether oil, pastel, watercolor, or charcoal. Quality portraits often become institutional and family treasures, recording our history for future generations.

Self Portrait, 1988 (40 x 30 inches, Oil on Canvas)


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